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Bespoke Holidays to Pattaya Hotels
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Bespoke Holidays to Pattaya Hotels

Bespoke Holidays to Pattaya Hotels Thailand. Hotels. Listed below is a selection of our chosen Accommodation that can be found at this destination.

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Bespoke Holidays to Pattaya Hotels -Information

Approximately 2 hour’s drive south of Bangkok, on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most popular beach resorts. The beaches are a good place for relaxation, as well as having a great selection of watersports. Pattaya Town with its famous Strip offers a large selection of restaurants, shopping and bars.

Take time to visit the majestic giant golden Buddha in the area between Jomtien and south Pattaya. Serene and smiling, the Buddha sits cross-legged with a gaze fixed on the horizon. It’s an impressive site and the sunsets from neighbouring Monument Park are beautiful
Dip a toe into the culture of Thailand at the Anek Kusala Sala – a museum dedicated to building a strong relationship between Thailand and China. Containing more than 300 pieces of Chinese artwork, mainly bronze and brass statues depicting historical figures and religious deities
Hat Pattaya is a great place to see and be seen. Sunbathing and souvenirs, speedboats and a bazaar nearby come together to create a fun and buzzing beachside environment.

Bespoke Holidays to Pattaya Hotels - Pattaya beachfront

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