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Bespoke Holidays to Kandy Hotels
Bespoke Holidays to Kandy Trips

Bespoke Holidays to Kandy Hotels

Bespoke Holidays to Kandy Hotels Sri Lanka. Listed below is a selection of our chosen Accommodation that can be found at this destination.


Situated in the mountainous heart of Sri Lanka, Kandy is the second largest city. Considered by some to be the cultural centre and was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1988. Being inland and in an elevated position (465m above sea level) it if far cooler than Colombo.

Kandy is surrounded by tropical forest where monkeys run and play in the wild, so your never far away for a photo opportunity. The city’s market area is a major attraction where all goods imaginable can be found at surprisingly low prices.

Kandy has the feel of an Alpine city set in a tropical location.

With good transfers from Colombo by Road, Kandy is a tour destination. The Sri Lankan government are looking to open this area with internal flights once they build a new airport close to the city.


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