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Bespoke Holidays to Macau

Macau is serviced from Hong Kong by Turbojet catamaran for around HKD 189 (around £190) and takes roughly an hour. A word of caution here, do not buy a ticket from a tout, they tend to sell tickets for just before sailing time and you’ll need to run like Usain Bolt to get the ferry or lose your money. Be warned. Having Bespoke Holidays to Macau you can taking in Hong Kong.

Tourism has become more of a focus over the years as people are attracted by the fusion of east meets west. The best way to see Macau is just to wander in amazement soaking up the atmosphere.

Until 1999 Macau was an overseas territory of Portugal to the extent that if you were walking through the old city you’d be convinced you were in Europe. The Chinese have given a special administrative status to Macau like Hong Kong and Kowloon, because of their colonial past.

Macau is the mecca for gambling on the planet, generating more than seven times the revenue from the “The Strip” in Las Vegas. This will continue as over the past few years more gambling licenses have been issued attracting more investment into the industry.

Like Hong Kong and Kowloon, if you wish to enter Mainland China from Macau you will need to apply for a visa. UK citizens can enter Macau for 180 days visa free.

For the latest Foreign Office Travel Advice follow this link.

Bespoke Holidays to Macau - Macau Skyline

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