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Bespoke Holidays to Japan

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Bespoke Holidays to Tokyo


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Bespoke Holidays to Japan – Advice

Japan is an extraordinary and enchanting destination offering outstanding scenery and a culture as far removed from our own as is possible to imagine. Society is built around centuries-old traditions, yet it has established itself as a world-leader in the fields of industry and technology. A wide choice of tours allows you to take a glimpse into the most fascinating and beautiful attractions on offer. With 17 Cultural and 4 Natural UNESCO Sites there is plenty to see and do.

  • Take a trip on the famous bullet train reaching speeds of up to 270 kilometres per hour
  • Experience full Japanese culture by staying in a Ryokans (Traditional inn)
  • Witness the spectacular natural beauty of the spring cherry blossoms in Kyoto

A visit to Kokkaido in the northernmost part of Japan’s main island, is quite a suprise, as it’s the centre for skiing and boarding in Japan. Cold fronts from Siberia bring a light, powdery snow which is much appreciated on the slopes. You can certainly escape the big cities in this wilderness with an Alpine feel and scenery to match.

Mount Fiji is the iconic image of Japan, with a snow capped top and a pilgrimage site for centuries and one of Japan’s 3 sacred mountains.

Bespoke Holidays Japan - Mount Fiji

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