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Bespoke Holidays to Jakarta Hotels

Bespoke Holidays to Jakarta Hotels Indonesia. Listed below is a selection of our chosen Accommodation that can be found at this destination.

Bespoke Holidays to Jakarta Hotels - Wedding RingsDenotes a great Hotel venue for honeymoons and weddings.

Jakarta is the capital and most populous city of Indonesia. Located on the northwest coast of the world’s most populous island of Java, the city is the centre of economics, culture and politics of Indonesia, with a population in excess of 10 million people.

Emblematic of the nation’s most striking contrasts, the capital sprawls over 661 square kilometres of northern Java in an amalgam of glamorous shopping malls, colonial-era relics, upscale neighbourhoods and slums spread beneath a soaring skyline. While few foreign visitors find the city as alluring as the local population does, there is no better place to glimpse the modern face of Indonesia.

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