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Bespoke Holidays to Beijing Hotels
Bespoke Holidays to Beijing Experiences

Bespoke holidays to Beijing Hotels

Bespoke Holidays to Beijing Hotels. Listed below is a selection of our chosen Accommodation that can be found at this destination.

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Beijing (formally known as Peking), China’s capital city, is the third largest city in China and 11th largest in the world with a history of over 3,000 years. This city demonstrates the contrast of ancient and modern in a city that between 2000 – 2010 grew by 44% and with the latest estimate is home to over 22 million people.

The major attraction is the forbidden city, the former emperors’ palace, now home of the Palace museum and surrounded by imperial gardens. There are many other historical sights, like the Temples of Heaven, Moon, Earth and Sun far too many to list.

Because of the density of the population, Beijing suffers from poor air quality which is a major concern.

Beijing is one of the staging points for tours of the country, which are escorted.

Bespoke holidays to Beijing Hotels - Royal Palace

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