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Bespoke Holidays to China

With Bespoke Holidays to China it is a vast, majestic land of contrasts and contradictions, covering an area larger than Europe and home to twice as many different languages and ethnicities. China’s past has laid some incredible foundations for today’s visitors and over 30 UNESCO World Heritage sites vie for your attention. But while there is timeless mysticism and ancient history, the country’s spectacular reform and dramatic development is equally enthralling.

Bespoke Holidays to China – Advice

Download China Visa and Passport Requirements 

For the latest Foreign Office Travel Advice follow this link.

Bespoke Holidays to China - China Map

Bespoke holidays to Beijing

Bespoke holidays to Guangzhou

Bespoke holidays to Shanghai

Bespoke holidays to  Shenzhen

Bespoke holidays to Tianjin


BEST TIME TO VISIT: China is subject to huge variations in weather. Winters in the North (November to February) can be very cold and hit freezing conditions, whereas Summers can become very hot (June to August). In the central areas the winters tend to be wetter and the summers longer and more humid. The climate chart featured is based on Beijing, please ask for details on other destinations for China.


VISAS: British passport holders require a Visa obtainable from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. A full 10-year British passport is essential and valid for at least 6 months after return to the UK. Cost £30.00 for single entry visa.

LANGUAGE: The official language is Mandarin but many dialects are spoken. English is spoken in hotels and key tourist locations but less in rural areas.

CURRENCY: Renminbi or Yuan.

FLIGHT INFORMATION: Direct airlines include Virgin Atlantic and British Airways. Cathay Pacific has great connections via Hong Kong.

FLYING TIME FROM UK: Approx. 10 hours (Beijing); 11 hours (Shanghai).

Bespoke Holidays to China - China skyline

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