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Bespoke Holidays to Borneo

Bespoke Holidays to Borneo offers a wide variety of accommodation from Tented villages, home-stay with locals to 5* Luxury Hotels. There is plenty to do away from the Beaches, whether taking to the water or visiting the jungle interior and its wildlife.

Bespoke Holidays to Borneo – Facts

Bespoke Holidays to Borneo - Map of the Region

Borneo is the third largest non-continental island in the world, administered by three separate countries, Brunei, East Malaysia and Kalimantan part of Indonesia. Borneo is a tropical island known for its beaches, biodiversity and abundant wildlife. From sea level and below to 4,095m tall Mount Kinabalu and Park and every metre between offers stunning views. A visit to the Sarawak region should include a visit to Gunung Mulu National Park to view limestone caves and karst.





Bespoke Holidays to Borneo - Borneo Cloud CoverOften seen as a mecca for back-packers, Borneo can be seen all visitors in luxury. With Tours that are far less physically demanding and Hotels that rival the best, or just a fantastic destination for a holiday.

Although there are modern cities the islands culture remains ingrained into their people’s DNA as rural life still revolves around the longhouse, huge structures which house many families and generations under one roof.

Being Tropical and equatorial there is sunshine all year round, but do not sign-up to predict the weather, which is why the locals always carry an umbrella. Although the peak months are between May and September away from monsoon season.

If you don’t like chillies then you won’t like the food. There is an abundance of fresh fruits usually served sliced on mixed fruit platters. There are Malls in the Malaysia side of Borneo, but a visit to Kota Kinabalu’s Gaya Street market on Sunday morning, when the roads are closed, is the place to be and find everything you could ever need.

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