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Wedding Destinations and Best Times of the Year

Wedding Destinations and Best Times of the Year

Wedding Destinations and Best Times of the Year - wedding on beach


Listed below by month are some of the suggested Honeymoon or Wedding Destinations we’ve included to “whet your appetite” and get your creative juices flowing.

Short List:

May – October Sunshine Destinations

  • Europe and Mediterranean


  • Africa                  South Africa
  •                              Kenya
  •                              Tanzania
  •                              Zanzibar
  •                              Morocco


  • Americas            Canada
  •                              North America
  •                              Hawaii


  • Asian Pacific       Tahiti
  •                                Fiji
  •                               Mauritius
  •                               Seychelles


  • Australia             Queensland and Barrier Reef



November – April Sunshine Destinations 

  • Africa                  South Africa
  •                              Morocco


  • Americas            Caribbean
  •                              Mexico
  •                              Cuba


  • Asian Pacific      India
  •                              Thailand
  •                              Maldives


  • Australia             Australia
  •                              New Zealand


Beach: Think Turks and Caicos, a scattering of 40 tropical paradise islands. Unwind in a luxurious beach hotel.

City: Sydney is a lively city with it Opera House and excellent beaches. Explore the Blue  Mountains and vineyards of Hunters Valley.

Different:  Morocco only three-hour flight time from the UK and in the same time zone. Stay in  palatial hotels, private riads and even Bedouin tents in the Sahara. Visit souks and medinas or go coastal to Agadir.


Beach: The Maldives are a jewel like collection of coral islands in the Indian Ocean. Crystal clear waters and white sand, indulge in a Robinson Crusoe fantasy. Stop in ultra-modern hideaways or rustic chic retreats.

City:  Cape Town home of Table Mountain. Tour the winelands and the garden route. Visit Kruger National Park on safari.

Different: New Zealand with rolling green hills, white sandy beaches on North Island or visit the South Island for Alpine views and fjord style lakes.


Beach: Dubai has all year-round sunshine, fantastic hotels and duty free shopping 

City: Las Vegas, its glitzy and jaw dropping and surrounded by rugged and beautiful desert valleys

Different:  India, from royal palaces, golden beaches, iconic landmarks and temples


Beach: Thailand, truly a tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and crystal clear water this is a wonderful place for relaxation.

City: Beijing, with palaces, temples, museums and parks and an impressive history

Different:  Borneo, a visit to Kota Kinabalu with its mountain scenery, tropical rainforest,  colourful markets, deserted beaches and idyllic off-shore islands.


Beach: Seychelles, renowned for uncrowded beaches, white sand and clear waters this is a haven of tranquillity

City: San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and harbour and colourful Chinatown. A quick way to explore is by using the iconic cable trams.

Different: Cook Islands, with 15 atolls scattered through the pacific. Rarotonga is a beautiful  volcanic island surrounded by a lagoon, reef and white sandy beaches.


Beach: Mauritius in the Indian Ocean another famous destination offering everything you would expect from a tropical island

City: Lucerne in Switzerland is a magical city with festivals, culture, mountains and lakes. Take a boat trip to visit pretty lake side villages.

Different: Brazil, as seen on TV during the Olympics is a bustling city and has a buzzing nightlife


Beach: Hawaii with each island having its own character. Try to multi-centre so you see  more than one island

City: Italy, from ancient to modern, art and culture with gourmet cuisine, fabulous  beaches and scenery, mixed with a cosmopolitan shopper’s paradise.

Different: Bali, a mystical extravaganza with over 20,000 temples, this tropical island fills you with eastern magic


Beach: Fiji, with more than 300 tropical islands with coconut groves, mountain rainforest all edged with stunning beaches

City: Vietnam, with remarkable sightseeing and a diverse culture, mixed with warm and friendly people. You can choose buzzing cities or charming riverside towns

Different: Safari in Kenya. With all the big 5 animals and the fascination of the largest migration in the world on the Masai Mara. Kenya is also a sunbather’s paradise.


Beach: Zanzibar, known as the “Spice Island” its capital city, Stone Town is a maze of narrow streets. On the east-coast you’ll find deserted beaches protected by a reef

City: Singapore an amazing metropolis excellent for shopping or discover its colonial past. Visit the beach on the island of Sentosa by short cable car ride

Different: Alaska has majestic mountains, sparkling lakes, mighty glaciers and diverse wildlife.


Beach: Sri Lanka whether city or beach this teardrop shaped island at the foot of India is a captivating blend of ancient cities, gigantic temples, tea plantations, jungles and beaches.

City:  Luxor in Egypt is an all-year round destination. Wander local street markets or gaze over the Nile

Different:  the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s most diverse coral system. Peaceful, pristine  and precious, the ultimate in relaxation and escapism.


Beach:  Barbados has a wonderful climate, white sandy palm-fringed beaches and excellent cuisine. It is relaxed and intimate.

City: New York is great at any-time with iconic landmarks and skyline. From theatre’s to shops to the bright lights of Times Square.

Different: the Rocky Mountains of Canada with raging rivers and turquoise lakes will leave you breathless


Beach: Jamaica with its laid-back pace is an idea place to unwind and go with the flow. This is another tropical paradise island with mountains and waterfalls.

City: Phnom Pehn the capital of Cambodia nestled on the banks of the Mekong river is an overload to the senses, from temples to palaces, markets and architecture you’ll need plenty of memory on your camera

Different: Mexico and its mighty civilisations that go back thousands of years to the modern beach resorts where all-inclusive really means all-inclusive, you will be spoilt by the attention

This rough guide is to show you the possibilities available to you. All destination can be for Wedding or Honeymoons, although there are certain restrictions that need to be “taken into account” like the duration of stay before the wedding and the legal paperwork. If you are planning a LGBT wedding this will restrict your choice. Currently no Asia country will allow for LGBT weddings, although you could get married in the UK low-key and then celebrate the marriage in the country.

Your supplier will give details of legalities for each destination.

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Published Date: 30th December 2016
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So, you Want to get Married Abroad

So, you Want to get Married Abroad

So, you Want to get Married Abroad wedding invite
Send wedding invite early

24-13 months

You’ve been through your guest list and you’re happy with the list of likely attendees. You’ve got a budget in mind and chosen a destination and time that you want, but will also be satisfactory for the wedding guests. With the bare bones in place you can now start to think about venue.



The following tips will help you through the process.

Is it worth a pre-trip to look at hotels/venues?

Get the Venue booked as soon as possible. Usually to get where and when you want this could be 18-24 months in advance. If your less rigid with timing, then you can select a venue based on availability. Some venues will guarantee only 1 wedding per day, so be aware that your special day may be shared with another wedding party. On booking you will be required to pay a deposit to secure your dates and a wedding planners services. Think of this a window of dates as you will probably have to wait to get confirmation of the exact day.

Let people know where and when you are planning to get married so they can start to plan ahead. Offer guidance with the booking if necessary.

Look at the legal requirement in terms of days in resort prior to the wedding, remember these maybe working days, so you get an idea when you need to arrive. Some destinations only have flights on certain days. You may need to fly-out before the wedding guests so you can finalise details with the planner and local authorities.

Long Haul Flight schedules tend not to be released until 11 months before departure, so put a date in the dairy. Short Haul tend to be 6 months for the low-cost airlines.

Look at the offers available for the venue. Some Hotels will discount their venues if you are stopping at their hotel. Some, if the wedding guests are staying at the hotel, will offer you a free room or upgrade if the group books over 10 rooms for 7 nights.

If you are booking a wedding package, look at what’s included in the price and what the extras are likely to be. Some hotels offer varying packages where you can choose from differing colour schemes, with differing levels of inclusions.

Think about the Day and the likely temperature. If you’ve chosen a beach/open air wedding in a hot climate, then will it be too hot? If you can get married later in the day away for the noon day sun, this will help. Think about what to wear, a full-on wedding dress or suits maybe overwhelming. You’ve also got to transport them in your luggage. Some airlines will allow additional hand luggage for wedding attire.

Officiants of the wedding usually only work on Monday to Friday and never on local holidays.

Make sure you have all the required legal documents available in plenty of time, copies notarised maybe required and possibly translated. Make sure you take your originals with you. Most countries only require the same documentation as getting Married in the UK. Check to see if, before you leave, you will get copies of the wedding certificate.

If you need assistance then contact Tracy Allen on 01455 240522 at Not Just Travel

We also have a website specifically for India and the Indian Ocean, Asia and the Far East with lists of hotels by country and resort offering wedding packages, making it easy to find the perfect destination to get married. Look for this symbol:-
So, you Want to get Married Abroad - Golden Rings

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Published Date: 30th December 2016
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Wedding Planning makes Perfect

Wedding Planning makes Perfect

Wedding Planning makes Perfect - On the Beach

How feasible is it to have a wedding abroad? You’ve probably got a good idea of the costs in the UK and we all know that venues, because it’s a wedding, inflate the pricing to almost double than if it were a birthday or anniversary celebration.

Search the internet for sites that show-case weddings abroad, you’ll be surprised at the volume of content. Here are some top tips that will help you along the way.


Having put your list of potential wedding attendees together you need to start thinking about the costs not only for you but for the guests. Most, if given time, will arrange their holiday as part of the celebration. This also adds to the excitement of the wedding as people are on holiday and tend to be happy and relaxed.

Research has shown that the average cost (2016) of a wedding abroad is around £ 6,500 whilst a UK wedding’s average cost is around £20,000, so there is a huge saving by having your wedding abroad. For the guests, depending on location, will cost between £ 1,500 – £ 5,000 per couple, obviously the further from the UK the wedding venue the higher the costs because of flight prices.

Yes, it’s your wedding but consider your guest because you want them to be there.

Remember these are averages, we’ve costed weddings around the Mediterranean with 14 nights accommodation all-inclusive for the bride and groom, venue and legal fees, hotel wedding package with some additional extras and evening meal for 40 guests for £ 3,500. Guests were £1,600 per couple all-inclusive for 7 nights.


You have a whole world to choose from, perhaps the location will have a significance to you like, where you first meet, your first holiday together or perhaps proposed. Do you want beach or iconic location? There are numerous choices and times of the year you can select because each season had differing timings around the world. British winter is Australia’s summer. Even the Caribbean has rain and hurricanes.

See the blog “Wedding Destinations and Best Times of the Year


Selecting the right Supplier gets you along way down the aisle or across the sand. From your internet searching you will have found numerous companies offering deals. Most of the High-Street travel agencies have wedding divisions but can only offer what’s available in their catalogue. If you select an independent travel consultancy they can offer a vast array of possibilities and can tailor more to your requirements, because they have access to far more choice and will offer a more personalised service.

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Published Date: 30th December 2016
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Do you want to get Married Abroad?

Do you want to get married abroad?

Do you want to get Married Abroad?

Weddings abroad are getting more and more popular for the following reasons:

Different from UK Weddings
Spend more time together rather than just the Wedding Day
Location reflects your personality and tend to be more intimate

Have you ever been to a wedding abroad?

If not, then you will have many more questions that need answering. If yes, then you have already seen that it is possible and you can draw on your own experiences. Think about what impressed you the most, what you might have altered or included. From these answers, you will start to get your vision of the perfect day.

Prepare your guest list

List out all the people you want to attend the ceremony for your UK Wedding, then alongside the names mark, if this was a Wedding abroad, would they be a definite, maybe or not. This will focus you on whether you still want your Wedding abroad. It maybe that you can reduce the “maybe’s and not’s” with giving plenty of notice and persuasion. Some people will simply not attend. You may find that some “maybe’s” are more likely to attend a Wedding abroad than in the UK. You will find that the list of attendees is reduced, although some of the “maybe’s and not’s” are people you feel obliged to invite. You will find that the list will end up with your nearest and dearest. Those nearest and dearest that cannot attend will be truly missed

If you still want to consider a Wedding abroad then on to the next question.

How much control do you want?

If you want to plan every single detail, then this is more likely to be achieved in the UK. Because of the distance, you cannot be there for every decision. With a Wedding abroad prepare yourself having to go with the flow a little more. Depending on your budget there are independent Wedding Planners that you can use rather than relying on the planner from the hotel.

At the end of the day it’s the people not whether the seat coverings were a different shade to the napkins.

If you’re still contemplating getting married abroad take a look at the blog “Wedding Planning makes Perfect” and selecting the right Supplier gets you along way down the aisle or across the sand.

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Published Date: 30th December 2016
Category: Wedding Travel
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